Anne’s Story

Hi, My name is Anne.  I have been parenting my son all his life.  He graduated in the top 4% nationally and won numerous sporting events.  He performed greatly in all areas:  soccer, football, baseball, this kid excelled in everything.  He made friends easy and everyone liked him.  Of course we were struggling, single parent household, I think my child support granted was $7.50 a day for each child and it wasn’t ever paid regularly.  My son wanted to make money for the family, he wanted to be a provider, a strong man.  But he made wrong choices and got involved with the wrong people.  Drugs were trending in his school, an affluent suburb of Los Angeles.  First oxy and then heroin.  I could go on about other drugs, I’ve found them all.  It’s been hell.  We don’t have a close family, in fact my family, due to the divorce and our lack of resources… family distanced themselves from us.  We were being punished due to my decision to be single rather than be married.  The families, both of them, have never wanted to be involved and I don’t blame them, however, my children grew up without any family.  This must be hard for them.  For me it is a choice, for them it was a decision.

Since leaving my family for a better life my sister’s husband died of a long time addiction with drugs and my father died in his early 60′s, due to an unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, indulging in smoking and drinking to excessive levels.  My own father passed out drunk my wedding night, smashed.  I remember him being unable to work due to hang overs.  My mother always pressed “he’s not well today”.  We figured it out early. My grandfather drank excessively as well and my mother bought him gallons of whisky with his senior money.  He just sat and drank, all day long.  He had been a bar owner.  One of my sisters oldest son he died of .38 blood alcohol poisioning from a frat party at the young age 21 or 22.  My other sister’s youngest son almost died of a drinking and driving accident in his teens.  One of my sister’s husband’s died early due to rumored drug use, I heard he had a sleeping condition, but knowing him for as long as I did, I would bet it was from an unhealthy lifestyle.  Nobody in my familiy admits to addiction issues.  Shocking isn’t it?

Denial is a form of self protection.  Now that I am here, in the spot I am in.  I want to do something with the pain and the promise I have experienced in the last 5-6 years going through this.  I feel at times like I’m a mother of a leper as people avoid us.  It gets to bad.  Why does he keep doing something that makes so much trouble for all of us.  How can we get out of the center of this tornado.  What did I do wrong?  How could I have made a different outcome?  Why didn’t my ex husband want us to be successful instead of trying to attack us financially and emotionally?  What is wrong with this family???

Thus, Addict2Addict is born.  I want to be able to talk and connect with others.  In running my own company and a family and taking care of my own life I don’t have time for much.  I found several face book pages but none that offered chat time.  I need to talk to others like myself, conveniently and I want to be there to help others going through this, anonymously.

I’m not an expert, although I feel like one at this point.  I’m not a doctor or provider of medical care and this is not intended to replace medical treatment or rehab.  This is a simple donation of my time to benefit me and those who need to just “share common stresses” and offer others support as well.


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